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Welcome to Study in Chongqing China!

  • Documents
  • required

1.Transcripts of the Most Advanced Studies (scanning copy)
2. Diploma of the Most Advanced Studies (Photocopy, if you are in university, please take a certificate from your university with seal). (scanning copy)

3. Foreigner Physical Examination Form (Photocopy, it will be better that you take physical examination as attachment in six months (with seal on the photo, accurate date and signature of the doctor on the report), then you need not take Physical Examination again when you arrive China). (scanning copy)

4.Passport (scanning copy)

5.Application form for CQUST (See the Attachment 1, scanning copy)

6. non-criminal record (scanning copy)

7.Financial certificate(scanning copy)

Please note: all documents should be in English or Chinese.scanned copy of documents is acceptable.